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Volume 16

PBS Airing Sculpture Park Documentary
Omaha, NE

PBS stations are broadcasting a documentary on our firm's First National Bank project, entitled Making an American Monument: an Epic Journey in Bronze. Learn how the largest installation of bronze sculpture evolved from conception to installation over 11 years with behind-the-scenes artist studio visits, foundry visits including bronze pourings, installations, and more. Click here to watch a short preview of the documentary.

For airing dates and times contact your local PBS station.

First National Bank First National Bank First National Bank

Awards this project has received:

  • Merit Award, American Society of Landscape Architects - St. Louis Chapter, 2011
  • Henry Hering Award, National Sculpture Society, 2010 and 2008
  • Award of Excellence, American Society of Landscape Architects - Central States Chapter, 2010
  • Pinnacle Award of Merit for Sustainable Commercial Exterior Project, Marble Institute of America, 2010
  • Merit Award for Pioneer Courage Park, American Society of Landscape Architect - Great Plains Chapter, 2008

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Public Art and Practice

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Public Art & Practice, LLC focuses on developing, managing, and implementing public art master plans and individual public art projects.

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