Volume 6, August 2005

Announcement of grand display.

Colorado ASLA Tour
ASLAs visit foundry in Colorado.

Bayliss Park
Approval of plan in Council City.

Future Newsletters
Monumental projects updated.


Boody Fine Arts is proud to announce a grand display of paintings by Peggy Sue Howard in the new Biomedical Systems building, located in the West Port area of St. Louis, Missouri. The building's main corridor is the perfect showcase for Ms. Howard's four paintings of midwestern landscapes. The artwork, ranging in size from 38" x 48" to 44" x 48", has been selected to enhance the interior and architecture of this 42,500 square foot space. Ms. Diane Reim of the Design and Build team of Korte Company in St. Louis, Missouri, brought in Boody Fine Arts to coordinate and assist her with this project.

Peggy Sue Howard, a Kentucky-based artist, has had a close working relationship with Boody Fine Arts for the past six years. Her acrylic paintings, characterized by flowing fields with a strong emphasis on movement and color interaction, allow the viewer to feel a deep sense of nature as both ever-moving and timeless.

Colorado American Society of Landscape Architects Tour

On the afternoon of July 13, 2005, a group of officers and members of Colorado's ASLA Chapter took a tour of The Art Castings Foundry in Loveland, Colorado. Steven Boody of Boody Fine Arts arranged the tour and helped to guide the group through the foundry. This educational tour was requested by ASLA as a follow-up to the foundry tour arranged by BFA two years ago.

The focus of this tour was to explain the various stages of the "lost wax" casting process. In addition, questions concerning the timeframe and budgets associated with commissioning a monument, structural certification, and installation requirements were also addressed. Attendees were surprised with the intricacies of the process and the timeline associated with commissioning and collaborating with an artist.

Immediately after the foundry tour, the group moved to the George, Cammine, and Mark Lundeen Art Studios for a studio tour and refreshments. Steven Boody addressed unanswered questions regarding the commissioning process and then turned the podium over to the artists for their perspective and insight on the creative aspects of monument construction.

If your professional organization is interested in arranging a similar tour or would like a presentation at your state or national conference, then please contact Boody Fine Arts for details.

Bayliss Park

The City of Council Bluffs, Iowa, has approved a dynamic design by Brower Hatcher of Providence, Rhode Island, for their city center park. Brower has designed the center element for the Park's fountain, its performance area, and will design the furniture associated with the core center of the city. Public Art & Practice, LLC, was retained by the city as the consultant for the art component of the project. Mr. Hatcher's proposal was selected from a limited invitational search that included 16 national and regional artists.

Brower Hatcher is the first artist to be selected by the Artist Selection Panel assembled as a result of Public Art & Practice's completion of the City's Public Art Master Plan. The Panel includes Mr. Glen Gentele, Director of the Laumeier Sculpture Park, Mr. Ron Hopp, Director of Parks, Recreation & Public Property for the City of Council Bluffs, Ms. Lenore Metrick-Chen of the Des Moines Art Center, Mr. Lee Spann, President of the Bluffs Arts Council, Ms. Lynette Pohlman, Director and Chief Curator for University Museums at Iowa State University, and Ms. Patti Hannan, Executive Director of the Girl Scouts – Nishnabotna Council and the Board Member of the Iowa West Foundation.

The Iowa West Foundation funded the art component for the park and assisted the city in funding other portions of the project as well. The multidiscipline firm of RDG Planning & Design created the Master Plan for the Park and is collaborating with Brower to complete the project.

Future Newsletters

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