Volume 8, February 2007

We Proceeded On
Eugene Daub bas relief sculpture completed.

Bayliss Park
Brower Hatcher project to be unveiled.

Wagon Master Leads Train of Pioneers at Pioneer Courage
Blair Buswell's Wagon Master of Pioneer Courage is installed.

Healing and Meditation Gardens
Introducing three artists involved in sculptural gardens.

Speaking Engagements
Commissioning process explained.

Future Newsletters
Mailing list status.

We Proceeded On

Eugene Daub, a fellow of the National Sculpture Society, is one of the leading classical relief artists in the nation. Eugene's clients are numerous and include public collections at the United States Capitol, the city of Kansas City, the Smithsonian Institute, the British Museum, and the Helsinki Art Museum.

The most recent commission for Eugene adorns the west wall of the State Senate Chamber in Helena, capital of Montana. A large bronze relief structure depicting a riverside camp scene of the Lewis and Clark Expedition was selected by an eleven-member committee. Eugene's 8 foot by 17 foot sculpture, We Proceeded On, brings to life the typical riverside camp "brimming with activity," as the figures prepare for the challenges awaiting the Corps of Discovery. The bas relief includes the figures of Sacajawea, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and their crewmen, epitomizing "the teamwork and monumental effort" of the expedition.

We Proceeded On

Of the six short-listed artists for the Senate Chamber Lewis and Clark relief project, three were submitted by Boody Fine Arts, Inc., and Eugene was honored with the commission.

Bayliss Park

The Bayliss Park project of Council Bluffs, Iowa, continues even into the winter months with an unveiling scheduled for the spring of 2007. Brower Hatcher of Providence, Rhode Island, has installed most of his sculptural components for the park and the contractor is working under tent to complete the plaza's stone work.

Bayliss Park

Bayliss Park

The Iowa West Foundation funded the art component for the Bayliss Park project and assisted the city in funding other portions of the project as well. The multidiscipline firm of RDG Planning & Design created the Master Plan for the park and collaborated with Brower and Public Art & Practice, LLC, to complete the project. Mr. Hatcher's proposal was selected from a limited invitational search that included sixteen national and regional artists.

The photographs presented here were obtained from a camera installed to capture time-still exposures of Bayliss Park every fourteen minutes and can be viewed at the Iowa West Foundation's construction camera website.

Wagon Master Leads Train of Pioneers at "Pioneer Courage"

Blair Buswell installed his magnificently crafted Wagon Master sculpture on December 5th, 2006. Measuring in at 11 feet tall, 8 ½ feet long and 4 ½ feet wide and weighing approximately 2,000 pounds, this important component of the Pioneer Courage Park is located on 14th street just North of Capitol Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska.

"The Wagon Master is a very exciting installation because it helps build the story found at Pioneer Courage Sculpture Park," said Bruce Lauritzen, Chairman of First National Bank. "In the age of the pioneer, the wagon master was a crucial element to the wagon train. Wagon masters served as the captains and looked after the supplies and families as they headed West to pursue the American dream."

Pioneer Courage Wagon Master

Pioneer Courage Wagon Master

For nearly 150 years, family-owned First National has played a significant role in financing the growth in the Midlands. Its early history mirrored Omaha's development as a vital center of commerce and a launching point for the expansion into the western United States. The Lauritzen family has been long-time supporters of the Omaha community. In 1854, the family's ancestors arrived in Omaha and three years later founded Omaha's first bank, trading gold dust and buffalo hides. Today, the Lauritzen family continues to invest in the economic and cultural growth of Omaha.

Boody Fine Arts, Inc., was retained in 1999 to assemble the team for this ambitious project. Over the years, BFA has assisted the bank in a project management and implementation role, overseeing the vision of First National Bank.

Healing and Meditation Gardens

Recently, there has been a strong movement in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and sculpture to introduce Healing or Meditation Gardens to the public. These gardens can be characterized as landscaped outdoor environments, incorporating understated and elegant three-dimensional works of art. Renewed interest in Western culture regarding complementary and alternative therapies, which emphasizes healing the whole person - mind, body, and spirit - rather than simply alleviating symptoms, has revived the concept of the garden providing healing environment. These quiet, reflective settings integrate elegant works of art into well-designed and subtly structured surroundings, requiring precise placement of select pieces crafted by highly talented artists. With an almost Zen-like approach, the end result is an area of solace, contemplation, and recovery. Boody Fine Arts, Inc., would like to introduce you to three artists who work in this field and can provide great expertise and understanding of this genre of sculptural artwork.

Carol Fleming Healing Garden

Carol Fleming

Carol Fleming specializes in designing site-specific and one-of-a-kind artwork in clay. Each piece articulates a client's vision through the evolution of forms, colors, and functions. Carol is constantly exploring her responses to personal inspiration, thereby allowing her commissioned artwork to represent not only the particular challenges of the client's site, but also provide a matured aesthetic value.

Since 1988, Carol has placed artwork in residential, educational, and corporate landscapes. Each piece is unique and matches the requirements of the site. Some pieces are practical furniture, while others become garden installations, fountains, or time-honored statements in creative sculpture. Whatever the function, Carol's goal is to build a satisfying bridge between the client's imagination and the actual artwork to enhance a site design.

Carol works closely with each patron, providing drawings, small models, and test glazing. Her attention to every detail allows Carol to create a unique piece of artwork that can be confidently created and installed.

Jesus Moroles Healing Garden

Jesus Moroles

Jesus Moroles is an internationally known stone sculptor whose works have been placed in gardens, public plazas, memorials, and religious spaces. His sculptural pieces are reminders of life all around us and our responsibility to respect the past, to manage the present, and to build the future.

Raking unique patterns in the surface of a Zen garden or performing an act of remembrance at a memorial is a classic example or ritual of Jesus' work. Ritual also echoes from the works of art themselves. More often than not, Jesus' sculptures seem as though they are descended from the works of ancient mound builders; sawed and carved and blasted from the earth.

Jun Kaneko

Born and raised in Japan, Jun Kaneko moved to the United States to study ceramics. Unable to speak the language, he was forced to focus purely on the visual. His painting background is evident in his work, where his monolithic ceramic Dangos (the Japanese word for dumpling) becomes three-dimensional, inflated canvases. Working primarily with graphic, yet painterly, lines and dots, his rhythmic designs are analogous with the Japanese Shinto concept of the "Ma," which loosely translates into "attachment through space."

Jun Kaneko Healing Garden

Peter Voulkos, Jun's professor at the University of California at Berkley and an influential artist in his own right, has described Jun's work noting: "His accomplishments are unrivaled in the field of ceramic art. His technical achievements alone have redefined the possibilities the medium has to offer." He then goes on to say, "Kaneko's ceramic works are an amazing synthesis of painting and sculpture. His works are enigmatic and elusive, simultaneously restrained and powerful, Eastern and Western, static and alive, intellectual and playful, technical and innovative."*

Please feel free to contact us at Boody Fine Arts, Inc., for your Healing Garden needs.

*Modified from: http://www.ceramicstoday.com/potw/kaneko.htm

Speaking Engagements

We are available for presentations to professional groups, corporate clientele, and federal, state, or local groups concerning the process of selecting and/or commissioning public works of art or assembling an art collection. Our PowerPoint presentation and lecture addresses the time requirements, selection process, correct scale or size, and the budget necessary to complete your project.

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