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Volume 15

24th St. Bridge
Council Bluffs, IA

24th St. Bridge

Standing at 100 feet above Interstate 29 & 80, Albert Paley's iconic gateway into Iowa and the City of Council Bluffs welcomes visitors and residents traveling through the area. Paley's Odyssey was installed in August 2010 and thanks to a webcam on site, even those living far away can check the project out at To view the installation process you can click on the calendar to the left and see what occurred each day and throughout the day (click on the time and you can review the entire day in 20 minute increments). This bridge is one of several prioritized sites within the City of Council Bluffs' Public Art Master Plan. Click here to read more about the city-wide Public Art Master Plan that Public Art & Practice finished in 2005.
24th St. Bridge

Although construction on the bridge was completed in 2009, Paley's sculpture installation was underway August 4th through the 14th of this year. Public Art & Practice, LLC, assisted with the selection of the artist, submittal of maquettes, contract negotiations, and coordination of planning efforts. Communication between all parties from the beginning allowed the Iowa Department of Transportation to have Paley's plinths (located at the four corners of the bridge) engineered properly during initial bridge construction based on the artist's estimated weight, wind loads, and dimensions.

24th St. Bridge

Paley has other single works that are larger in scale, but comprehensively this work is his largest composition. This work continues his goal to create site-appropriate art that relates to the viewer and allows for a different experience from all points of view.

Images provided courtesy of Albert Paley Studios and John Lehning.

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Public Art and Practice

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Public Art & Practice, LLC focuses on developing, managing, and implementing public art master plans and individual public art projects.

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Artist Spotlight

Tom strives to create works of art which speak metaphorically about their site, function and history. His works refer to the relationship between the natural and built landscape, but the interplay of abstraction, representation, and scale are key aspects when developing his concepts.

Tom Stancliffe

Tom completed his B.S. in Art at Illinois State University and his M.F.A. at Northern Illinois University, and he is currently a Professor within the Department of Art at the University of Northern Iowa. Recent major commissions include Gyre, a pair of wind-activated kinetic sculptures which were placed at the State Revenue Building in Madison, Wisconsin and To Wing which was placed at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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