Ruben Benefits, Inc. Insurance firm Ruben Benefits, Inc. retained Boody Fine Arts in 2004 to place art within their downtown Clayton, Missouri, offices. Every project proves to be unique and the primary function of our company is to build a collection of fine art that creates an appropriate atmosphere.

Within Ruben Benefits, Inc., the framework for this atmosphere already existed in a set of light rose-colored conference chairs. Around this existing theme, the new works of art were chosen specifically to provide a bold art collection and create a dynamic environment.

The office suite features acrylic paintings on paper by Diane Cone Boody, an acrylic wall sculpture by George Snyder, and one of James Byrd's unique glass on steel works as well as several of his gauche on paper.


Ruben Benefits, Inc. Ruben Benefits, Inc. Ruben Benefits, Inc. Ruben Benefits, Inc.